Seafood Near Me In Austin

There are so many things that give Austin its unique atmosphere. From the Capitol to Hippie Hollow, the character of this city is one of a kind. So, when it comes to seafood near me in Austin you shouldn’t settle for anything less than a one of a kind experience. That’s why you’ll love Café Blue. We have the level of service and quality of seafood you’d expect from the biggest of cities, all in a casual, come-as-you-are atmosphere that’s so undeniably Austin. Just as Austin is a jewel right in the middle of Texas, Café Blue is a tropical treasure just waiting for your visit in the heart of Austin.

seafood near me in austin

One way Café Blue stands shoulder to shoulder with the best seafood near me in Austin is that we serve the freshest oysters in our raw bar, flown in daily to offer you the best selection anywhere in town. But don’t think that the quality and freshness stops at our oyster bar. At Café Blue, you’ll always find the freshest seafood at just the right price. Just take a peek at our dinner menu and see the amazing options for yourself. You’ll be certain to enjoy our Cedar Plank Salmon, cooked with a brown sugar-ancho chile crust and served with a blue crab butter sauce. The sweet and spicy crust pairs perfectly with the buttery salmon to create a flavor sensation that’s beyond reproach. Don’t be too shy to drop us a line and say thank you if you enjoy the experience!

With so much seafood near me in Austin, there’s no reason to settle for anything less than the best. And when the best is also a restaurant that encapsulates the true flavor of the city of Austin, you know you’ve found some “can’t miss” dining. Make your way to Café Blue for the best seafood at just the right price and you’ll be sure to enjoy the best meal you’ve had in a long time. Find Café Blue in Downtown Austin at 2nd Street and Trinity, or in Bee Cave at the Hill Country Galleria. Find maps, menus and much more at

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