Downtown Austin Restaurants

downtown austin restaurantsIt’s always a great day to enjoy some of the finest seafood the Capital City has to offer, and you’ll find the best selection at a surprisingly reasonable price at one of the most stellar Downtown Austin restaurants, Café Blue Classic Seafood & Oyster Bar! Just know that you’ll want to take your time looking over the menu… we would hate for you to miss out on something amazing.

One of our dishes that brings back diners again and again is our Thai Style Mussels. Close your eyes and imagine, if you will, a bowl filled with the freshest Prince Edward Island mussels. These plump morsels open up for your enjoyment when perfectly steamed in a sweet and spicy coconut-curry broth. The spice from the curry plays tantalizingly well on the palate when mixed with the sweet and tender mussels. And you better believe we’ll serve the to you with some grilled French bread so you can sop up every bit of that delicious broth!

We also have an entrée you won’t want to miss, and frankly, you can’t because we gave it a cheeky name. That would be our Kick Ass Sea Bass. We take a filet of Chilean sea bass, cooked to order, and lightly coat it in a sweet teriyaki glaze. Then we top it with tobacco-style onion strings piled so high they’re sure to bring a smile to your face. If you can make it to the bottom of the onion strings, you’ll find some delicious asparagus nestled on a bed of rice pilaf. Try a little bit of each together in a prefect bite and you’ll see why Café Blue stands out among Downtown Austin restaurants!

Peruse the menu for yourself and find your next seafood obsession. Café Blue is located in Downtown Austin at 340 East Second Street. Find menus, maps and more information for one of the best Downtown Austin Restaurants anytime online at our website

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